Happiness is your

birthright. Claim it.

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You don’t have to suffer.

You don’t have to wear a mask in order to be loved. You can embrace the power of being enough. You can face life’s challenges without anger. You can live a life of balance. You can let go of perfectionism, people-pleasing and proving. You can heal and grow from trauma.

Happiness is a choice. No matter what is happening in your life you can be happy.

You don’t have to struggle in relationships.

You don’t have to lose yourself in your relationships. You can love and set boundaries. You can communicate your needs without fear. You can rebuild your life after divorce. You can find an new normal after the loss of loved one.

Let me help you redefine your Happy Plan.

“MiaMichelle’s compassionate, non-judgmental approach helped to dispel the shame I felt around being assaulted by my husband. Her questions and practical suggestions are playing an important role in building up my self-esteem.”

—Jennifer L., Phoenix, Arizona

Do you feel like there are obstacles in your life that prevent you from feeling happy?


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